ABOUT THE ART: Sian was born with an innate creative spirit. As the child protégée of her grandfather, the renowned Caribbean artist Gordon Parkinson, she was nurtured and tutored by him throughout her childhood. During the countless hours spent in her mentor’s studio, she was encouraged to use “art” as an outlet for self-expression. The fiery, red-headed youth was taught to channel her pent-up energies, unexpressed thoughts and feelings into creating works of art using whatever treasures she could find in and around his studio. Each piece helped to tell a story which words seemingly could not. Sian continues to use acrylics and mixed media to create intricate visual stories on each unique canvas. Her vivid and emotive pieces are said to resonate deeply with those who view and admire her work and her pieces adorn the walls of many local and international collectors. Her work can be viewed in several Barbadian art galleries or at her studio by appointment. In 2016, she received a Fine Arts Bronze Award from the National Cultural Foundation in Barbados.

“Creating art, for me, is an instinctive response to the world we live in, its people, nature and life events. I have difficulty aptly expressing myself in words, so painting serves as a vehicle for communicating my innermost thoughts and emotions.” — Sian Pampellonne

THE CATEGORIES EXPLAINED: There is a natural progression in my pieces which correlates with particular moments, places and experiences in my life. Each series has an underlying theme or common thread which connects one piece with another and each series is tied to a particular life event.