Your Armour
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Original Size
30 H x 24 W x 1.5 in

Original Painting: Mixed Media on Canvas
Finished Edge | Unframed | Certificate of Authenticity
Packaging Options: Crate (stretched)

Packaging and Shipping paid by purchaser


“The first step of getting free is admitting you have a colonized mind.” - Delenciaga @Duhlency

From the innocence of a child comes the fears and learned beliefs of an adult. A child does not see colour as a decision making tool… a child measures its place in the world from a purely emotional perspective. They FEEL everything… coming first and foremost from a place of love. It is the environment that surrounds this child that taints and creates the belief system in which the child moves forward. Influenced by the adult's experiences or viewpoint of the world around them and thus absorbing them as their own. 

Racism is passed down. No one is born a racist. You believe in order to survive in your environment, to belong… adopting someone else’s experiences as if it were your own. Until it does become your own. As long as the focused preconceived judgement is on skin colour, there will never be unity. There will always be a great divide. And this won’t change until we stop talking only to hear our own voices, insisting our perspective is the only way. 

Can we try another way? Can we learn from the very beings that appear before us… perfect, untainted, uncorrupted? Can you FEEL and LISTEN… REALLY listen… from that place of LOVE? Only then will everyone be heard and understood. Only then will we realise that the divide is a mirage and we are all exactly the same.